Tasty Toast

Garlic Buns

The first time we ate garlic bread was a wonderful experience for all of us. Our hostess had transformed stale bread into a gourmet’s delight and we became addicted to it once I learnt how to make it. It is delicious with soup, as a snack or with a salad and roast chicken. Also great to whet your appetite. Any kind of bread is great for garlic bread and it can be whipped up in a jiffy.
The Recipe
4 buns, cut in half; 4 tbsp. butter, softened; 1 flake garlic peeled and crushed; 1/8 tsp. mixed Herbs.
Mix the garlic, butter and herbs. Spread on the cut buns. Toast or grill in oven 450C/230F /9Gas Mark for 1 minute each side or till golden brown. Watch carefully to avoid burning. Top grated cheese for a richer variation if desired. Serve hot with soup or as a snack.

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