18 Surprising Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium

Fun fact: Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and is found naturally in a wide variety of foods and beverages and added to many others! (Hellooo orange juice.) But whether lactose-intolerant or sick of wine and cheese parties, there’s no need to rely only on dairy products for that daily dose of calcium. Here’s why we should get enough calcium and all the unexpected ways to get enough of it.

This mineral also helps the body maintain healthy blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, and even prevent insulin resistance (which could lead to Type 2 diabetes)
Leafy greens, seafood, legumes, and fruit also contain calcium and many foods and drinks are fortified with the mineral.

1. White Beans: 191 mg (19% DV) in 1 cup canned
2. Canned Salmon: 232 mg (23% DV) in ½ can with bones (which provides the calcium!)
3. Sardines: 321 mg (32% DV) in about 7 sardines fillets
4. Dried Figs: 107 mg (10% DV) in 8 whole dried figs
5. Bok Choy: 74 mg (7% DV) in 1 cup
6. Blackstrap Molasses: 172 mg (17% DV) in 1 tablespoon
7. Kale: 188 mg (19% DV) in 2 cups raw (chopped)
8. Black-eyed Peas: 185 mg (18% DV) in 1/2 cup canned
9. Almonds:72 mg (7% DV) in ¼ cup dry roasted (about 20 nuts)
10. Oranges: 65 mg (6% DV) in 1 medium fruit
11. Turnip Greens: 197 mg (20% DV) in 1 cup cooked (chopped)
12. Sesame Seeds: 88 mg (9% DV) in 1 tablespoon
13. Seaweed: 126 mg (13% DV) in about 1 cup raw

Fortified with Calcium: Fortifying foods with calcium has become a popular way to help people consume a balanced diet, but some studies do suggest eating foods with naturally occurring nutrients is the better route to take . So just make sure you’re not only reaching for the fortified kinds!

14. Instant Oatmeal: 87 mg (19% DV) in 1 cup
15. Orange Juice: 500 mg (50% DV) in 1 cup
16. Soymilk: 300 mg (30% DV) in 1 cup
17. Firm Tofu: 861 mg (86% DV) in ½ cup
18. Cheerios: 114 mg (14% DV) in 1 cup

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