Know Your Belly

Almost any person who’s above an ideal weight carries at least some excess weight in the belly. It’s important to understand what body type you are in order to start losing your belly fat once and for all. How this excess weight makes its way to the belly varies depending on the person, his genetics, and his situation.

Stress can make you gain weight –  it’s a scientifically proven fact. However, in some people stressful periods seem to have exactly the opposite effect, making them lose weight and get skinnier, but also more tired and prone to ailments.

Women tend to put on weight as they approach menopause, and most of the newly gained fats go either on the hips, belly on thighs, or in the upper body. Men on the other hand are less likely to gain weight in the lower body, but are more prone to storing excess belly fat.

Men and women gain fat differently due to hormones: estrogen stores fat in the lower body, and as you know, this hormone is found in higher amounts in women. However, as levels of this hormone decrease, fats migrate from the lower body to the upper body, so this is why postmenopausal women are more likely to have higher belly fat percentages.

belly type

In men, estrogen levels are also low, so although testosterone helps in keeping the fat percentage lower (this hormone supports the fat metabolism), the lack of estrogen contributes to belly fat gain. Males are typically apple shaped while females are pear shaped.

These facts are well known, but Dr. Eric Berg proposes a different approach to fat gain and weight loss. According to this scientist, there are four different types of bodies and belly fat:

  • Liver belly
  • Thyroid belly
  • Adrenal belly
  • Ovary belly

Most people are a combination of these body (or belly) types, but each of us has a predominant fat storing pattern, which makes us more likely to gain weight in a certain area of our body.

1. Belly that looks like a flat tire
2. Belly caused by stress
3. Low belly
4. Bloated stomach

1. Belly that looks like a flat tire – Adrenal Belly Type

This type of belly often occurs as a result of sitting too much and not being physically active in any way. Besides this, consuming sugary foods will make everything worse.

If you are dealing with this type of stomach, it is best for you to avoid daily alcohol use as well as soft drinks. The easiest way to get rid of it is to introduce a healthy diet to your body.

2. Belly caused by stress –  Adrenal Belly Type

People who are perfectionists usually have low rounded tummy but it may occur in those who have problems with digestion and bloating.

The only way to get rid of this type of belly is to stop skipping meals, stop eating fast food and enter huge amounts of caffeine.

3. Low belly-  Ovary Belly Type

Soft tummy in the lower abdomen is usually associated with sole food and sitting in place. This kind of stomach may occur with weak people who are not active enough.

Movement combined with varied diet, healthy natural juices and drinks for reducing fat will help you to successfully get rid of this type of belly.

4. Bloated stomach – Liver Belly Type

Bloated stomach usually occurs as a result of foods that do not suit your body, allergies or poor meals with vitamins and minerals.

In order to get rid of bloated stomach you need to consume beverages that act positively on the digestive system and relieve bloating. In this case you do not need to be too much physical activity but balanced diet.



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