De-Stress YOUR Skin

Why Do You Need To De Stress YOUR Skin?


The skin is a dynamic, protective organ that grows, stretches, shrinks, creases, and wrinkles in response to a person’s age, habits, weight fluctuations, and the environment. Skin serves many important functions including:

  • protecting the body from environmental factors such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, allergens, water, and chemicals
  • regulating body temperature by sweating and adjusting blood flow to the skin
  • synthesizing vitamin D
  • helping the body sense touch, pain, temperature, pressure, and position
  • providing  protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays via the skin protein melanin

It is not only your mind, but also your skin is stressed-out everyday due to several factors. However, you can STOP it with Skin De-Stress Retreat program.

IMAGINE Your Skin Is Smooth, Shiny & Glowing All Day Long With Skin De-Stress.




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