More For Less- The 80/20 Rule

80 percent dietok-to-indulge22.gifWhen I first heard about the 80/ 20 Rule I was fascinated.  More for less…?  How could that be?  Years later and practising it daily has proved to be extremely beneficial for me and I am absolutely fanatical about it.  For those who are in the dark  the 80/20 principle is one of the great secrets of highly effective people and organizations.

The 80/20 Principle is rather simple, from wikipedia:

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  In other words

  • 80% of a business’ profit comes from 20% of its products
  • 80% of your training results comes from 20% of your training time (effort)
  • 80% of your weight management is a result of 20% exercise

It really doesn’t matter what numbers you apply, the important thing to understand is that in your life there are certain activities you do (your 20 percent) that account for the majority (your 80 percent) of your happiness and outputs.  Of the things you do during your day, only 20 percent really matter. Those 20 percent produce 80 percent of your results. Identify and focus on those things. When the fire drills of the day begin to sap your time, remind yourself of the 20 percent you need to focus on.

A long-held rule in the dieting world says that as long as you eat healthy for 80 percent of the time, you can indulge in your favorite foods the other 20 percent. This is fine advice, and following it could help keep your diet plans on track. Some people break this down to eating healthy Monday through Friday (80 %) and then splurging on the weekend (20%). While that might work for some, one could imagine that Mondays just got a lot harder to bounce back to “healthy” after spending two days indulging. Instead, one could indulge in 20 percent on their daily calories, or even 20 percent of their plate.  Stick to 80 % nutrition coupled with 20% exercise no matter what- whether you are working, on holiday, travelling or just socialising.  It makes things easier for YOU.

The new variation on the 80/20 rule,  is seeing weight loss as being about 80 percent of your diet and 20 percent about exercise. What that means is that your food intake is substantially more important than how much you exercise if you are trying to lose weight.

Dieting and weight loss is really about what you eat; more so than how and how much you exercise, so don’t go overboard with the weights when it’s what’s on your plate that really matters.  Make 80 percent of the food you eat healthy and take 20 percent of your daily calories and make them fun.  Otherwise,  you’ll feel deprived—and more tempted to go off the deep end.

With fewer restrictions, this way of eating and exercising makes it much easier to stick to a healthy plan, lose weight and implement long-term dietary changes.

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