Overnight Oats Delight

Overnight Oats Delight
This is a quick, delicious, guilt
free dessert that you could make the previous night and keep in the
refrigerator to soak in all the lovely flavours.  Children love it and
so do adults.  We tried it out on a group of people a few weeks ago and
it was walloped in 10 minutes flat.  Maybe you’d like to try it too.
The Recipe:
1 cup thick curds; honey to taste; 2 tablespoon oats; fresh fruits of your
choice- I used two kinds of melon, pomegranates, grapes; 1 tsp chia seeds.
Beat the curds and honey till smooth.  Using a ball tool, scoop out the
melon flesh into attractive rounds.  Peel the pomegranate and keep ready
with other ingredients in a dish.
Take a transparent disposable plastic glass and put 1 dsp of oats at the bottom
of the glass.  Pour 1/3 cup curds and honey mixture over.  Arrange a
layer each of melon, grapes and pomegranate seeds on top.  Pour 1/3 cup
curds over. Scatter the chia seeds on the curds.  Add the remaining oats
and repeat the layers ensuring the melon and pomegranate are on top.
Close and keep overnight in the refrigerator.  Next day, enjoy this
delectable desert whenever you feel like it.