6 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss


Are you ready to take control of your life and lose weight permanently?  Here are some tips to-

The first vital step toward losing weight successfully is mental. Determine why you want to lose weight and let this reason be your motivation. Do you want to regain your health and self-esteem? Are you looking to be a role model for your children? Do you simply want to fit into your old jeans again? Any reason is valid as long as it minimizes your self-destructive behaviour of over eating and bingeing.

Make sure you are ready for Change Long Term.  This will become your lifestyle whether you like it or not.   Losing weight will take some time and effort, and it will require you to make some sacrifices and a lot of committment.  This includes thinking planning a long term strategy.



Set goals.  Weigh in, assess your eating habits and make a game plan. That will include long-term goals and more immediate goals too.

Self-awareness is Self-motivation: by keeping track of your behavior, you motivate yourself to change because you become more accountable. Track yourself with a food diary and exercise log—some of the most powerful tools for managing your weight.  Educate yourself by reading about a healthy active lifestyle and give your kitchen a makeover.

Eat Mindfully.  Healthy eating means getting a variety of foods in moderation—not making any food forbidden, but not going overboard on those rich foods that were once special-occasion indulgences. Eat mindfully by knowing the foods that make weight loss easier, and understanding key healthy-eating principles.






Commit to Move More.  Exercise makes weight loss much easier—but more important, people who move more are more likely to keep the pounds off. No matter where you’re at now, you can become “an exercise person.”



Get Support.  Losing weight is challenging—we can’t expect to do it alone. As you make your way through losing weight, you’ll need to cultivate a network of friends, family, co-workers, professionals and like-minded dieters.

One day, you’ll look back and realize that you truly are different. You simply have to take that first step. Like a traveler on the open sea, you need the courage to change your sails and your course. Most importantly, enjoy your journey, and the many treasures you will undoubtedly discover along the way.



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