The Meal Timing Rule For Rapid Weight Loss






When it comes to weight loss, what you eat may be just as important as when.

Eating at the appropriate times throughout the day will help to maximize fat burning and keep hunger at bay.

The issue may have something to do with the timing of your meals.  People who eat at different times each day are more likely to be obese and tend to have larger waistlines than those who regularly eat their meals at the same time. People who had irregular eating patterns were also found to have an increased risk for preventable diseases like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

While it may seem hard to believe that eating lunch at noon one day and 2 p.m. the next could do so much harm, the science is sound. As it turns out, sporadic meal timing messes with the body’s internal body clock which follows a 24-hour cycle. Yes, that’s right, not only does our circadian rhythm help us maintain our sleep-wake cycle, it also helps with many of our metabolic processes like appetite, digestion, and the metabolism of cholesterol, glucose, fat. When it regularly gets thrown out of whack—which is what happens when you don’t adhere to a set eating schedule—it can cause weight gain and poor blood sugar control, according to the researchers.

Though the scientists say that further research is needed to shape future dietary guidelines or official recommendations, there’s no harm that can come from streamlining your meal timing. It may just help you lose some of that unwanted belly fat! If you find it difficult to get into the habit of sticking to a set eating schedule, try enlisting the help of the reminders feature on your cell phone.

Aim to eat every 3 to 4 hours. find the combination that works best for you. Timing your meals in this way will improve your fat loss by preventing excess insulin, allowing leptin to work its magic on appetite control and metabolism, and by balancing the stress hormone cortisol. You should also enjoy your meals at the same time every day.


Eat within 1 hour of rising. When you skip breakfast, you lose its stimulating benefits on your metabolic rate. You also become more likely to eat unbalanced meals, more calories, and larger amounts of saturated fat throughout the day and also increases stress hormones.

Never eat within 3 hours of bedtime. Eating too close to bedtime raises your body temperature, increases blood sugar and insulin, prevents the release of melatonin, and cuts down on growth hormone release. All these factors interfere with the quality of your sleep and the natural fat-burning benefits of a good night’s rest. Furthermore, sleep deprivation leads to more cravings and a greater likelihood of overeating the next day. Sitting down to dinner after 8pm can add an extra two inches to your waist – that’s the equivalent of two dress sizes for a woman.

Start the day with protein. For better appetite control throughout the day, try combining your starchy carbs at lunch, dinner, or after your workouts rather than at breakfast. Stick to healthy protein shakes for breakfast and you’ll eat less throughout the day.  For Shake Recipes CLICK HERE


Always eat within 45 minutes of finishing your workout. This meal or snack is the only one of the day that should not contain much fat and should be higher in carbohydrates. For example, have a shake made with juice, fruit, and protein powder.

Never do your weight training on an empty stomach. You will need energy from your foods to perform optimally. You may, however, complete your cardio before eating if your session will be less than 30 minutes.22.gif

Focus on your food. Do not eat while you are doing anything else (i.e., watching TV, working, surfing on the computer, etc.). Focus on chewing your food and relaxing while you eat.

Eat protein first. Eat the protein on your plate first to help speed the signal to your brain that you are full.

Drink alcohol last. If you have alcohol or wine, do so after your meal to enhance the hormones involved in appetite control and digestion.

How and when you eat can impact your health—and your weight. Upgrade your eating habits to maximize fat burning and keep hunger at bay.

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