Ma’s Sago And Tender Coconut Payasa

Sago And Tender Coconut Payasam
A couple of years ago, I decided to start cooking classes and my daughter saw an ad on
Facebook and sent it to me.  At the same time, a friend emailed me the link.  I was excited with what I saw and the rest is history.
Thanks to a wonderful group for helping me discover myself through cooking.
I’d like to share today is a personal favourite and like most of my recipes
very simple.  Am sure you will like it too
The Recipe:
Sago is a starch extracted from the spongy centre, or pith, of various tropical palm stems and is a very popular dessert in Mangalore.
¼ cup sago; sugar to taste; 1 tbsp raisins; 1 tbsp cashewnuts and a pinch of cardamom or cinnamon as desired; a 1/2 cup  tender coconut, cut into pieces; a pinch of salt; 1 cup milk; 45 gms of low fat milk powder.
Whisk the milk and milk powder together and keep aside till required.
Soak the sago in 3 cups water for half an hour.  This is to
soften it.   Drain, add 1 ½ cups water and bring to the boil, lower flame for 5
minutes.  While cooking the sago will
become transparent and may have a white spot in the middle.  This will become transparent by the time the
Payasa is served.  Add milk, sugar to taste,
raisins, cashew nuts, salt,and spices.
Remove from fire, cover and cool for 20 minutes.  Serve hot or cold.