Simply Sedap Baked Brinjal

Baked Brinjal
Brinjals have never been a favourite vegetable of mine.  I detested it, I deplored it, I simply would
not consider eating it until I ate this delicious version.  It is so simple and delicious that vast quantities
vanish in one sitting and you can never have too much of it.
The Recipe:
500gms baby brinjals, washed; ½ tsp Pink Himalayan Salt dissolved
in 2 cups water; 2 tbsp olive oil; Pink Himalayan Salt to taste.
For The Garlic- Curds
1 large clove of garlic, peeled
washed and crushed; ½ cup home made curds; 1/8 cup whey; ; Pink Himalayan Salt
to taste.
For Garnish:  A few coriander leaves; a pinch each of
chilli powder and coarse pepper powder
Preheat oven to 225 C.
Slice the baby brinjals in half lengthwise, retaining the
stalks.  Soak in salted water for 10
minutes.  This is to drain away the
bitterness and prevent excessive dis-colouration.  Drain and pat dry with kitchen towels. Mix
the olive oil and pink Himalayan salt to taste in a bowl.  Place the brinjals, cut-side down in a baking
pan (lined with foil) and drizzle the mixture all over.
Grill in  centre of oven
5-7 minutes each side until golden brown. Remove from oven and serve within 10
minutes with the Garlic- Curds Dip.
Garlic- Curds Dip:


Whisk the curds, whey, crushed garlic and pink Himalayan salt
to taste until smooth. Serve with the Simply
Sedap Brinjal
, garnished with coriander leaves, chilli powder and pepper
Simply Sedap*
*Sedap means delicious in Malay and that’s what this recipe is.