Christmosa/Easy Christmas Recipe

The Magic of Christmas never ends and its greatest of gifts are family and friends.
We are touched by the kindness and warmth we received and the wonderful exchange of good wishes, goodies and fellowship and invitations to lunches, dinners and potlucks. A big thank you to all our family and friends who made this Christmas one of the best we’ve had.  One of the most liked recipes that I made this year was a random recipe I saw on Facebook.  I can’t even remember where.  The name stuck in my mind and I decided to make my own version of it when we called our friends over to celebrate the birth of the King.  Anyone can make it.  All you need is grape juice or wine, a few fruits and a beautiful bowl to display.  I came across these cute, miniature Christmas cutters in a store and decided to cut out shapes and use then in my Christmosa.  I had a lot of fun using them and the result was very eye


The Recipe:

750ml sparkling red or white grape juice.  You can use wine too if you prefer that.  I made it with both white and red grape juice; 1 apple, chopped or use the miniature Christmas cutters to cut out various shapes; a small bunch of grapes; orange zest or orange slices (a few) for that Christmas zing; ice cubes.

Cut the apple into slices and soal in salted water for a couple of minutes to retain the whiteness.  Drain.  Take a large bowl and pour the juice or wine into it.  Add the grapes, apple cut outs and the orange slices or zest .  Add the ice cubes just before serving.

This is a very attractive drink that everyone will love.  You can make it anytime you like.  That is the Magic of Christmas!









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